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If your debts are stressing you out, you’re in need of an unsecured personal loan or it’s time for a home improvement, this is your chance to get over your financial hurdle painlessly with Lendah.

as low as

for up to

savings of

*Possible savings of $1,000s if you qualify for a lower interest loan and use it to pay off higher-interest debt

We are here for you.

We’re a regulah bunch of smaht Bostonians dedicated to finding a personal loan solution that’s just right for you. We focus on a loan solution, not a loan company. Lendah provides a one-to-one, loan matching service to help consumers get the best loan terms and results.

Get relief from high-rate personal debt:


Simple Application


Low Payments


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Human Touch

Personal loans made wicked easy and wicked fast.

Up to $35,000 at a lower fixed rate

Loans through Lendah have fixed rates that start at 5.99%. Typical credit cards charge an average rate of 16% or more.

A better way to pay off debt faster

With a consolidation loan, you could have a set monthly payment and clear term. Plus, there’s no penalty if you pay it off early.

Fast approvals with a human touch

Our dedicated team will talk to you about your goals and needs so that we can match you to the right loan quickly.

Your loan consultation is FREE…
with no obligation, so let’s talk soon.

Checking your loan options with Lendah doesn’t affect your credit score, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



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