When we look towards our future, we dream about growing families, retirement, travel, and happiness. We don’t dream of debt and poor financial health. If your credit score is suffering due to massive amounts of credit card debt, poor payment history, or poor credit utilization, you can’t attain the savings that you need to prepare for your future. Instead of giving up on those hopes, improve your financial health by working with direct lenders for bad credit. 

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What is a Direct Lender?

Direct lenders are lenders that use their money to fund your loan. This includes banks, credit unions, and other lending companies like Lendah. This keeps third-party loan companies out of the equation and allows you to work with the same familiar faces throughout the whole process.

This is beneficial to your experience because a reputable direct lender can guarantee:

  • Fast Funding  – with no hoops to jump through, you can receive your funding in as little as 2-3 business days with most lenders
  • Secure Personal Information – You should have control over who sees your financial information. You only fill out one application with a direct lender, and that information stays with them – it won’t bounce between lender after lender. 
  • Direct and Personal Customer Service – No bots here! Speak to real people who know and understand your individual financial situation.
  • One Application – Convenient, online application that sets you on the right path toward financial freedom. 

How Can a Personal Loan Improve Your Credit Score?

Increasing your credit score is hard work, but a personal loan can simplify the process. When you use an installment loan to pay off your existing credit card debts, several things will happen. First, you consolidate multiple payments into one. A fixed payment each month can help you budget easily with the knowledge that the payment won’t fluctuate with interest each month. 

After you have consolidated your debt, consistent payments and diligent budgeting can help you pay off your debts in much less time than it would take to pay off your credit cards individually. Paired with decreased credit utilization, this will leave positive marks on your credit report and increase the score over time. It’s important to know that personal loans are not a quick fix for your credit score. All improvements to your financial health take time and dedication. 

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Lendah: The Direct Lenders for Bad Credit

With Lendah, you always have options – even with bad credit. We are partnered with over 30 lenders so that, with one easy application, you can cast a wider net and find the best debt consolidation loan for your financial needs. You will find interest rates as low as 5.99%, pre-approval for up to $35,000, and the possibility of saving thousands of dollars.

Don’t let go of your dreams of financial freedom because the number on your credit report isn’t where you want it to be. Find the tools and the financial expertise you need with Lendah. Fill out this application to get started, or send an email to getaloan@lendah.com to set up your free consultation.