Credit card debt is a growing problem as 51 million people have increased their credit card debt due to the pandemic. With high-interest debt piling up, you may be searching for repayment options to help you reduce debt and improve your financial health. One of the most common results you come across is debt consolidation.

This method has advantages and can better your financial situation. But for some reason, people are hesitant to select this option not because it doesn’t work, but because of its misconceptions.

Below we debunk the idea that debt consolidation loans hurt your credit, and reveal why they are a great strategy for debt repayment.

Consolidation Loans Don’t Hurt Your Score, Credit Cards Do

One of the most asked questions about debt consolidation loans is if they hurt your credit. This is not true. Lenders use your credit score as a factor to determine how much you can borrow on a personal loan to consolidate debt. To discover your score, a lender must complete a soft inquiry on your credit. Examples of a soft inquiry are when you check your credit or get preapproved for a loan – like a debt consolidation loan.

The misconception that consolidation loans hurt your credit score may stem from soft inquiries. A lender will do this during the application process. What WILL impact your score are hard inquiries, like opening new credit cards. Opening and having too many accounts at once can significantly lower your credit. Learn more in the article below.

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Consolidation Loans Can Actually Improve Your Credit Score

While we’re on the roll of debunking myths, you may be surprised to discover that debt consolidation can improve your credit score! It’s not too good to be true! By consolidating your debt into one account, paying off debt becomes more manageable for two reasons: a single monthly payment and a lower fixed interest rate.

A combination of these factors allows you to make payments. They are often lower than a credit card payment and have less interest overall – as long as you don’t extend your terms. Our best advice is to ensure that you pay your balance on time each month. Over time, you will create a history of responsible credit. And you’ll see your credit score improve!

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