Do you have credit card debt and feel like you’re struggling to function? Being in debt is so much more than having an extra bill to pay. In fact, studies have shown that debt can take a toll on your mental health, and lead to deeper emotional and even psychological problems.

People fall into credit card debt for different reasons: to pay off school, help their families, or to cover necessities and luxuries they couldn’t afford at the time. No matter the reason, you may feel all is lost.

How does debt make you feel?

What Debt Feels Like

The immense dread stemming from debt can lead to other painful emotions, but we want you to know that it’s normal. However, your mental health can be affected by your credit card debt. You may realize it, or perhaps you may feel as if you are not yourself but don’t know why. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?


Anxiety is tricky and can sneak up on you when you least expect it. You could be fine one moment but end up in a total panic the next. Running away might seem like the answer to most problems that come your way if you are feeling anxious, but it won’t make your debt disappear any faster.

Stress can make you feel like you are on a time crunch, and that also means you don’t feel relaxed. The extra pressure can make even small tasks seem overwhelming, so you may feel uneasy and indecisive at times. If we could sum both of these feelings up into one word: overload.


Resentment related to unmanaged debt can be a difficult emotion to navigate. Pushing others away and placing blame on them is harmful to your relationships and avoids the matter at hand. It can be easy to choose to blame others, however, you can’t resolve the issue by avoiding conflict within yourself.

The other side of resentment is shame. Instead of pushing the feelings you have about yourself onto others, you might experience the feeling of guiltiness. You are aware of your situation, and it makes you feel like you’re not worthy of any moments of happiness.


Anger can leave you short-tempered and snippy with anything and anyone. If you feel like the slightest inconvenience is the end-all be-all, anger has you in its clutches. Being explosive can have lasting, harmful effects on those you interact with if you cannot hold it in.

Compared to anger, depression can make even small problems feel like world-ending scenarios, but it is more internal than external. If you feel like you want to crawl into a hole and stay there you won’t be able to solve any problems without help.

What Lendah Can Do to Help

If you think that one of these terms describes you, just remember you don’t have to live with credit card debt forever. No matter how you feel now, there is a life after debt.

These uncomfortable emotions are usually caused by a lack of control. It’s easy to fall into crushing debt and it can be difficult to escape without help. That’s where Lendah comes in.

With Lendah you’ll work with a real person, not an automated system, to find the right debt consolidation loan for you with just one application even if you’ve been denied by other lenders.

Contact us today and we’ll do the leg work for you! Our compassionate loan matchmakers make debt consolidation simple so you won’t feel overwhelmed, judged, or frustrated.

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