Sunshine, swimming, BBQs, ice cream, and no school for the kiddos – just some of the perks of summertime. With so many opportunities to get together with friends and family, it’s essential to be mindful of your summer budget when planning your activities. We’ve got some tips for sticking to your summer budget – and saving money now can help you avoid credit card debt during the holiday season

Set Limits

People often set a budget for themselves at the beginning of the year and plan to keep things consistent throughout the year. However, summertime activities come up unexpectedly and “summer fun” is typically not a section on everyone’s budget. After creating a budget, you should revisit it throughout the year to make sure your goals are still achievable during different seasons. 

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Use Cash

It’s very easy to forget about your budget and instead swipe your credit card when your friends ask you to join them for summertime fun activities. If you’ve created a summer budget, you probably have a set amount of money to spend on each activity. You should only take cash with you when you’re hanging out with friends and family; doing so will help you to prioritize your spending on only the most essential items. 

Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

During the summer, it’s more likely that you’ll be spending your time soaking up the sun instead of binging the newest Netflix releases. Take a look at your monthly subscriptions and cancel any that you aren’t using, or ones that you know you could live without, during the summer

Search for Free Activities

Craft fairs, outdoor concerts, hiking, and movie nights in local parks are just a few free options you have for finding some cheap summer fun. Check your local news source or join some groups on social media to learn about the free activities in your area. You’ll be able to save fun while still enjoying the summer weather. 

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