If you’re strapped for cash and hope to organize this year’s Thanksgiving on a budget, there are a few steps you can take to cut costs. You don’t have to settle for low-quality food options. By simply checking your pantry and paying attention to seasonal promos, your wallet will be that much thicker by the time December giftings come around.


Don’t Head to the Store Just Yet

Prior to visiting the local grocery store look through your pantries. Discover if you already have any ingredients in stock. If you happen to already have pie crust available, for example, it can save you the remorse of buying an ingredient for one-time use. Refrain from making any unnecessary purchases and trim down your grocery list by checking your cupboards before driving to the store. It’ll save you unnecessary grocery runs, protect against one-off ingredient purchases, and do wonders for your Thanksgiving.


Promotions & Apps to Keep Your Thanksgiving on a Budget

Halloween has come and gone. This time opens up the floodgates for seasonal sales and promotions in grocery stores across the country. Between the tail end of October and Thanksgiving, supermarkets thrive off of promotions aimed at making turkey day marginally less expensive. Bundle deals are a popular promo option among supermarkets. These often include a free side item if you buy a turkey. However, to truly capitalize on seasonal promotions and keep your Thanksgiving on a budget, consider downloading one of these coupon apps specifically designed to save you money on groceries.


Coupons.com offers two distinct ways to save on groceries. Users can link their loyalty card from a participating store to the app before selecting coupons. Upon checkout, the scanned card will automatically apply any coupons to the total price. If no loyalty card is available, users can send a snapshot of their receipt through the app and receive any savings through their PayPal account. 


SnipSnap is a handy coupon converter that turns physical coupons into digital ones with a quick picture. The platform automatically converts any text, images, and barcodes into a virtual format to be used at checkout. Since every coupon sent to SnipSnap is searchable by all users, your own work on the app can actually save others money on their grocery purchases. Furthermore, the app has a handy feature that notifies you of any available coupons once you’ve arrived at a given store. 


Flipp is likely the most balanced platform out of this batch due to its function as an all-in-one grocery shopping tool. Users start out by selecting the stores they frequently visit before discovering promos and offerings. 

Flipp’s true power, however, is its ability to browse the circulars of countless grocery stores. By just tapping on different items in a circular, Flipp automatically adds them to your shopping list for later. The app also allows users to add a variety of coupons to their store loyalty card, browse coupons by store availability or category. The “Deals” section can further help you undertake this year’s Thanksgiving on a budget


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